The Flourishing Ladies

Ladies committed to living their best lives through radical love and showing up as their best selves

Who are The Flourishing Ladies?

The Flourishing Ladies is a community of women invested in leading high quality lives through by leaning into their dreams, having fulfilling relationships, and taking care of themselves.

A Flourishing Lady takes excellent care of herself. She is patient and forgiving when speaking to herself and others. She is always rooted in love and holds and open heart to the world. She knows she has flaws and works to accept them and better herself in all areas of her life. 

A Flourishing Lady values her femininity. She asks herself how to get in touch with it and indulge in herself for the benefit of those she nutures.

A Flourishing Lady values her own boundaries, she is dignified, she is accountable for her emotions, thoughts, and actions. She is on a quest for continual self-improvement and keeps this quest in the forefront of her mind at all times. She has clear vision of her values, her future, and her place in the world. She knows what she needs and wants and she gets it or allows others to give it to her. 

A Flourishing Lady fundamentally believes in abundance, in leiu of scarcity. She cultivates safety in times of fear. She loves when hate is all around. She speaks truth to power, clearly and lovingly. 

A Flourishing Lady is a community member. She participates regularly in the group activities because they help keep her focused on her journey of self-betterment

Flourishing Ladies are friends. We come together to share our heartaches, our struggles, and our worries. We come together to feel love and acceptance. We share our acknowledgements of each other and lift each other up at every opportunity. We see that we are all on our own journey and speak from our own perspective and recognize that we are only responsible for our own actions. 

Are you looking for something more? A real community of real women who share their real selves and work towards having better lives? Join us. It's free.

The Flourishing Ladies current offerings

The Flourishing Ladies offers weekly fun offerings like our weekly Fancy Drink Friday competition, Random and Not-so-random Hot Take Tuesdays with Bonnie, and Self-care Saturdays and Sundays. 

Hosts and community members post inspiring messages, share heartfelt confessionals, and get to experience what a community of women was always supposed to feel like

The Flourishing Ladies are committed to making our transformational ideas accesssible to everyone who could benefit from them, and that's why it is currently free to join.  Workshops and classes are offered by each host for an appropriate fee. If you find something to be cost prohibitive, we are happy to arrange custom pricing for something more appropriate for your situation. Please reach out to us, we are here to get you what you need to do what you want to do. <3 

Any Flourishing Lady can invite others to the community. We only ask that you invite anyone who you invite to a dinner party as your guest. We have a strong community ethic and will maintain the integrity and safety of the group as needed. 

Please invite all your most wonderful friends. We can't wait to meet them.

About Bonnie

Relationship Coach and Founding Flourishing Lady

In love with her friends and fellow women, Bonnie believes that there can be more to social media than the usual suspects. She's committed to living her best life and wants to share her journey with you, while witnessing, supporting, and flourishing in the midst of the greatness of other Flourishing Ladies.

Bonnie backed away from the precipice of divorce three years ago and has been studying intimate relationships since. and has had much success in transforming her own marriage. 

With her unique perspective, experimental spirit, the ability to untangle complex situations and strategize with easy-to-use solutions, Bonnie will be able to give you a new way to approach your personal relationships that will 

transform your life

There is SO much to get out of having an amazing relationship with your husband or intimate partner. You might not even know what you are missing. I'm here to tell you that it's possible for you to have the relationship your little lady self always dreamed of. You just need the right strategies to relate to your husband or partner in a new way that allow you to approach your relationship in a whole new way.  

Are you feeling lonely and emotionally distanced or like you are always missing him?

Are you stuck in the same patterns that keep you from having a clear head?

Does he get angry and frustrated with you and you don't know what to do?

Do you not know how to have better sex? Or more? Or less and wish you wanted it more?

These are all questions that I have specific solutions for. In my workshops we explore how to navigate a relationship with easy to use, real-world techniques. I break down common dynamics in relationships in easy to understand ways that make it easy for you to stay focused on your desires and let go of extra burdens. 

So, are you ready? Come with us on our journeys. We know it's not easy to find happiness in this world sometimes. But it's a lot easier together. 

Find friends, support, ideas and inspiration while we flourish together.

Join now. 

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